About Us

In 1987 Andrew Marsh channelled his love and enthusiasm for classic and sports cars into starting Maidstone Sports Cars.

From humble beginning of working outside his parents’ house the company has grown to its enviable position of being one of the leading lights in the classic and sports cars world now employing 6 highly skilled technicians in an extensive premises.

In this time, it has built up a superior reputation for quality work, service and professionalism.

Over time It has developed many exciting new products and has run a very successful motorsport team as well as providing our normal services to our customers.

With continued expansion a new MOT centre opened in 2015.

Maidstone Sports Cars have always provided its customers with storage options but, due to increased demand and us out growing our current building this has led to a new company MSC Vehicle Storage being formed and us opening its new storage facility in January 2022 where it can offer long or short-term storage for cars and motor bikes.